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Sarson ka Saag Recipe by AQ Meal | Saag Recipe | How to make Sarsoon ka ...

The most widely eaten, preferred and easily available vegetable in the winter season, "Saag" has innumerable benefits. Mustard greens are made from the leaves of the mustard plant.

The use of mustard greens has the following benefits:

Healthy and glowing skin

Mustard greens are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Vitamins A, C and K enter the body in the form of antioxidants to fight free radicals and eliminate toxic effects from the bloodstream. As a result, wrinkles, nail pimples, fine lines and dark spots disappear or disappear.

Keep the heart healthy

Mustard greens are rich in nitrates and magnesium, as well as fatty acids and phytochemicals, all of which are essential for good heart health. Applying the right amount of nitrate ensures the presence of nitrate and nitric oxide in the blood and tissues.
In the same way, magnesium controls blood pressure due to dilation of blood vessels, similarly other ingredients keep the heart healthy by preventing the effects of harmful substances circulating in the body.

Good for eyesight

The antioxidants in greens, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, are essential for eyesight, and they help prevent age-related diseases such as vision loss and cataracts.

Beneficial for cholesterol and liver

High blood cholesterol is a major cause of metabolic disorders, our liver constantly works to produce bile or bile which helps digest fats and certain vitamins, but oxidative and chemical stress can lead to liver inflammation. Which increases the risk of various diseases.

Mustard greens are beneficial in that they prevent cholesterol accumulation by having a good relationship with the bile. Boiling greens leaves in the diet lowers blood cholesterol and protects the liver.

Improve memory

With age, memory begins to weaken. Medical experts say that green leafy vegetables are beneficial for mental health. Mustard greens are one of them. Eating a cup of boiled leaves daily improves memory. Improves but also reduces mental age. The iron and calcium in this greens also improve brain development in children.

Get rid of constipation

The fiber and folate in greens improve the activity of the intestines. Eating some amount of mustard greens gives the body 3 grams of fiber which relieves constipation. This fiber prevents the accumulation of fat in the intestines which also helps in constipation. There is prevention.
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